In my work, I seek to emphasize the beauty and relevance of unobserved details. Everyday things may not be recognized by most as beautiful, yet the ordinary can be compelling, truthful and soulful.

Freight trains are intriguing to me because they are travelers, relentlessly moving from one place to the next, year after year. Many have been in operation for several decades, without rest. Layers of rust, numeric codes and graffiti accumulate with time and give the surface of each train a unique character. These details reveal truthful and compelling stories, that transform an ordinary object’s nature into something full of history and inherent beauty. If something mundane and functional can communicate such richness and complexity then perhaps we can find meaning within the most ordinary aspects of our own lives as well.

“It is through his images of freight train graffiti that he taps into a unique segment of American culture. It is an art form that evolved from New York subways, and Normandin reveals the variety, the beauty and the ingenious use of the trains as a backdrop.” —Elenore Welles, Art Scene

“His presentations of train yards resolve themselves into almost abstract boxes of color, marked with numeric codes and graffiti in a jazzy nod to Stuart Davis.” —Newington-Cropsey, Cultural Studies Center

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