I am often asked why I paint trains. While there are many reasons, I have narrowed it down to this: To me, freight trains are like underdogs; Survivors, relentlessly pushing forward despite odds, conditions or circumstances. They are travelers, each bearing unique marks of time and resilience. Weathered surfaces, rust & graffiti… All evidence of accumulated experience. Even a tiny dent can represent an important moment from the past. Collectively, such details reveal truthful & soulful stories that transform these ordinary objects into worldly & accomplished veterans. They become rich with history and an inherent beauty far beyond superficiality. Ultimately, it is this nature of the trains, that I identify with most and seek to emphasize through my work.  After some 143 paintings of trains (and counting), I have learned that each one brings me to a better understanding of myself and the world around me. The commitment to a single subject not only heightens my creative vision, but enables an expanded depth of purpose in a way that can only come with a long term relationship. In the end, trains remind me that only the journey matters.

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