Adam Normandin is a contemporary realist painter based in Los Angeles. Best known for his depictions of freight trains, graffiti and the American landscape.

Inspired by the random discovery of unnoticed or overlooked details, Normandin’s paintings explore vacant places, often found beyond the periphery of conventional locations.

“I don’t usually know what I am looking for until I find it, but am drawn mostly to evidence of age and experience. I like things battered by use, overlooked or abandoned. Seemingly ordinary subjects become transformed with time and use into objects rich with purpose, dignity and embody a unique sense of history.”

Normandin’s process begins with photography, but the final painting may only vaguely resemble the reference. The artist is primarily interested in a feeling emoted by a subject, more than producing a faithful representation. Most often, details from many photographs are used to make a single composition. Meticulously, each work is rendered until the painting carries its own independent meaning.

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